Support compost education, expansion, and awareness at Cornell!

Hello generous sponsors!

Cornell University Compost Club is a group of amazing students  who want to promote compost around campus and in Collegetown through workshopslecturescollaboration with Cornell staff to expand composting efforts, and facilitation of composting in Collegetown.


Last year we sponsored a Cayuga Compost bin in Collegetown and it was a great success! The community has asked us to bring the program back, and we WILL!  This campaign will fund the bin until June 2015!

We are unable to get conventional funding with Cornell Student Assembly because most of our materials for workshops do not fall within funding restrictions. Help us get bins, compost tea, worm, bokashi and much much more to create awesome workshops for all the community.

Composting is important because it diverts waste from the landfill while producing nutrient rich fertilizer for soil.

HELP THE PLANTS, and the planet! And, as always, don’t treat your compost like dirt.




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  1. Aline
    Posted December 9, 2013 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    Absolutely ridiculous that you guys lost your funding. Thank you for being awesome and helping make our planet more sustainable

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